Posted on Dec 15, 2019

What's new for 2020? We've further enhanced our line of abrasives with 2 new products that are guaranteed to outperform industry standards and reflect our drive for continuous innovation.

What makes our products stand out in the metalworking industry?

  • Consistency. Platinum products are manufactured to provide consistent quality, performance and dependability.
  • Simplicity. Platinum products are designed to make your task quicker and easier.
  • Creativity. You'll always find new and unique products in our range that are a result of continuous research and development of new ideas and solutions.

The new Razor-SpeedMAX Cutting Disc is the world’s fastest and most precise cutting disc.  Guaranteed!  At just .024” (0.6mm) thick it cuts 40-50% faster than the closest competitive product with minimal burr formation, reduced heat discoloration and reduced noise.  The Razor-SpeedMAX easily cuts very hard materials such as spring steel and stainless steel sheet with virtually no contact pressure required - reducing fatigue and making work easier.  Due to its low friction and energy consumption, this cutting disc is also ideal for use with battery-powered grinders.


The new Razor-Vision Flap Discs provide a unique perspective for grinding and finishing steel and stainless-steel.  Razor-Vision Flap Discs feature three strategically positioned cut-out sections that make the disc transparent while rotating which provides a clear view of the work-piece and allows the user to see exactly where they are working on the metal and how it is progressing.  This clear vision of the work-piece enables continuous monitoring of the working results without having to put the tool down and helps avoid expensive and time-consuming mistakes.